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Yumiba Sisters

We are the violinist (Takako and Yumiko) sisters who love music. We believe that ''The true beauty of music is that it connects people. It carries a message, and we, the musicians, are the messengers'' by-Royal Ayers.


Takako started playing the violin and piano when she was 3 years old. Then, Yumiko was influenced by her music. We started playing together and our first concert was when Takako was 7 and Yumiko was 5. We performed at the wedding of our father's friend. People were satisfied and enjoyed our performance. That was the beginning of our journey as music artists in Japan.


We have been studying music in Germany since the autumn of 2018. We are the scholar students of "Live Music Now" from January 2020 up to the present. It's an incorporated association founded by Yehudi Menuhin, a great violinist who devoted himself to social contribution. 


Through this association, we have been visiting hospitals and nursing homes to perform as a sister violin duo. These are the opportunities for those who cannot come to the concerts to hear them live. These activities give us a chance to meet different kinds of people. These valuable experiences serve as our inspiration to think about what kind of activities we would like to do in the future.


However, soon after the activity began, a pandemic struck the world. Germany was one of the countries severely affected by it. The lockdown has been implemented for more than half a year. People had to stay home, and many concerts were cancelled. All people became sad and lonely because of the restrictions in all places of the world. 


Many international students went back home during that time. We decided to stay there and continued the preparation for the concerts even if it was postponed. We chose to focus and exert a lot of determination together. We started filming our music and shared it to more than 50 institutions through LMN in April 2020.


In our activities as a violin duo, we have arranged various masterpieces for two violins, regardless of genre, and have performed them in our concerts. Since there were not many pieces for two violins, we began to compose our own pieces as well.


One of the greatest German composers Ludwig van Beethoven once said "Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy. Music is the electrical soil in which the spirit lives, thinks and invents". He is our inspiration in creating and sharing music from our hearts and souls.


We hope that through our violins it will give colors to the air of the moment. We are glad that you will enjoy our music.


April 3, 2021 


Takako Yumiba

Yumiko Yumiba


2020年1月より社会貢献に尽力した偉大なヴァイオリニスト、ユーディ・メニューインが創設したLive Music Now社団法人の奨学生となり、ヴァイオリンデュオとして姉妹で病院や介護施設などを訪れ演奏活動を行っています。その活動を通じて、私たちは様々な方と出会いました。それ以前の音楽活動では出会えなかったような、コンサートに足を運べない方などにも音楽を聴いていただく機会が増えていきました。その貴重な経験は、私たちが今後どのような活動をしていきたいかを考えるきっかけとなりました。







弓塲 多香子

弓塲 友美子

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